Inspiring spiritual and cultural transformation through connection with wild spaces, with the help of God and neighbor, to create a world where wildlife and wild spaces are known as neighbors worthy of our love, kindness, compassion and care.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Another day in the Canyon

To be ministered to by wildlife and wild spaces is a special experience indeed.

My experience tells me that each of us possesses a deep-seeded mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual need to be ministered to by the beauty of wildlife and wild spaces; to be brought into community with this diverse community of life. 

As the song of the black-throated green warbler resonates with my own heart strings I feel at home in the forest. As I lock eyes with a red fox in the solitude of the deep woods something new is awakened within me. The iridescent coloration of the tiger beetle is a shade of green I don't think I've seen anywhere else. 

There lives a God-ordained relational space within me that revels in this kinship with the land and all who call it home. As I discover a space of belonging here among wildlife and wild spaces it brings comfort to my soul knowing that I myself have not become fully domesticated.

Thank God that there is wildness in me as I am inspired to explore farther and deeper; all the while celebrating that the Spirit of God has set my heart ablaze with love for all that has life. What began as a small spark many years ago has become a blazing wildfire that just may engulf the landscape of my whole heart. By the grace of God may it be so.

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