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Monday, April 22, 2019

Dovie’s gift

Yesterday was the day when Dovie laid her first egg. We had previously thought that Dovie was a male. Clearly we were wrong! I found that first egg cracked open on the floor since Dovie had no nesting platform or materials available to her. So, yesterday evening I helped by tacking a nest platform to her preferred nest spot.

Sometime between 9am-noon today Dovie laid an egg. Since it is clearly an unfertilized egg I went ahead and cooked it and ate it. Thank you Dovie!

Nest building is proving to be a real bonding experience for Dovie and I since she mostly depends upon me handing her the right sticks which she then places where she would like them to be.

This Earth Day I hope each of us has had opportunities to contribute to the overall health of the planet through our conscientious living as well as moments to enjoy special bonds with those creatures who know us best and depend upon our care on a personal level each day.

(Dovie and the egg she laid this morning)

(Very good taste; lighter and a bit fluffier consistency than a chicken's egg. Eggs don't get any fresher than this; thank you Dovie!)

(helping Dovie to build her nest)

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