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A vision informed by Henry David Thoreau’s interpretation of sauntering, Jesus’ understanding of neighbor, Aldo Leopold’s concept of thinking like a mountain, Rachel Carson’s prophetic voice and John Muir’s way of capturing the beauty and uniqueness of wild neighbors with words.

Friday, May 17, 2019

a marsh, a canyon

During this afternoon's Creek and Canyon Wildlife Tour my friend Kevin and I visited The Muck and then Barbour Rock Trail of the West Rim of the Pine Creek Gorge. I was also glad to have spent some time at The Muck earlier in the day with my friend Kristi. There was much beauty to appreciate at both locations. We found ourselves immersed in the beauty of singing birds and blooming flowers in the midst of landscapes that inspire praise in our human hearts.

Whether you find yourself in the heart of a city or in the most picturesque of wild spaces, I hope we all find time to take in the beauty that surrounds us each day.

Barbour Rock:

(Kevin and I at Barbour Rock)

(Indigo bunting)

(unidentified flower)

(hooded warbler)

(unidentified flower)

(black-throated-blue warbler)

The Muck:

(swamp sparrow)

(red-winged blackbird on a beaver lodge)

(wood ducks next to the RR tracks)

 (Marsh wren)

 (yellow warbler)

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