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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Evening Chorus at the Swamp

There is nothing like dusk at a swamp this time of year as green frogs, bullfrogs, spring peepers, pickerel frogs and others join their voices to the evening chorus. I experienced this at Sheer Road Swamp yesterday evening. It was a moment of incredible beauty. It was a moment of worship.

All things praise God by being their authentic selves; plants and grass by turning sunlight into energy, water by flowing, and frogs by joining their voices to the evening chorus at the swamp. Each of these participates in the great symphony of unending praise through authentic self-expression. This great symphony of unending praise is happening everywhere all the time. Of course, this thought is inspired by Psalm 148.  All things actively praise God all the time.

What does this mean for us? How shall we join the great symphony of unending praise?

Human life is made to praise God through worship.

Worship is primarily about orienting our lives in relationship with God who is the author of life and of love and the giver of every good thing. There are three words in the New Testament of the Bible that are attributed to worship. Translated into English they are, lift up, bow down, reach out.

We worship God when we lift up the name of God by proclaiming God's goodness and by thanking God for the gifts we have been given.

Loving God I lift you up as most important in my life! Thank you God, for life, for love, and for the beauty and goodness of all that has life! Thank you for all in this world that inspires beauty and creativity in our human minds and hearts! Thank you especially for the great love you have shown us in Jesus, through whom you have given us hope!

We worship God when we bow down before God, opening our hearts to being changed by God.

God, I bow down before you, with a desire to be changed by your love. Change the desires of my heart, loving God, so that it beats in tune with yours, and may the changes you're bringing about within me find expression in my living.

We worship God when we reach out in love and service to others.

Lead me, loving God, to reach out in love and service to others, and in so doing fulfill the purpose of my human life.

Let us join the great symphony of unending praise this day and every day.

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