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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Let’s be who we are, not who we aren’t

Erin and I enjoyed a long (10 miles) and beautiful run along West Rim Trail this morning. During the last several miles I recall that I was mostly just very hungry, but there was also plenty of time to enjoy the trail, to think, and to pray.  Here is my meditation from the trail:

Water, Rock, wind, sky, trees, birds, bugs, deer, bear...all things praise God by being their authentic selves, each by doing what they have been made to do; and so will I, by living life and loving others in my own unique way. I will not try to be someone else or anything other than who I truly am because that is a life in hiding. I want to be who I truly am and live and love in my own unique way and in so doing live a life of praising God in community with all that has life. 

How about you? Will you live and love in your own unique fashion and in so doing live a life of praising the Creator of us all?

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