Inspiring spiritual and cultural transformation through connection with wild spaces, with the help of God and neighbor, to create a world where wildlife and wild spaces are known as neighbors worthy of our love, kindness, compassion and care.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Who is my neighbor?

 Love God with all of your faculties, and love your neighbor as yourself. That's what Jesus said when he was asked what is most important.

And the next question, "who is my neighbor?" is a critical consideration for every generation.

 (Painting: "Liontracks" by Dan Christ)

(Ivory billed woodpecker. Photo credit: Arthur A. Allen)

(Passenger pigeons. Credit: Tim Hough)

                       (American chestnut trees. Photo credit: American Chestnut Foundation)

Lord have mercy upon us. Empower us with inner strength by your do be live for more.

Jesus, please provide us with wisdom and courage to love our neighbors as you have loved us. Amen.

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