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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Environment of a Healthy Heart

A meditation for today:

Anger and jealousy are invasive species to the environment of our hearts. Left unchecked these things spread out of control like purple loosestrife in the marsh, knotweed by the riverbank, and multiflora rose in the meadow. We need someone who can remove these invasives from our hearts and Jesus is that someone. In truth, as we open our hearts to Jesus, by the Spirit of God which is his Spirit living and working in us, Jesus is faithful to cultivate new spaces for things like patience and kindness to take root upon the landscape of our hearts and grow into a harmonious balance for the sake of the world that God loves.

May the changes that the Spirit of God is bringing about within us find expression in our living. I don't know about you but I could use less anger and less jealousy and more patience and more kindness. With the help of God may it be so.

(Knotweed along the creek south of Ives Run Rec Area)

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