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A vision informed by Henry David Thoreau’s interpretation of sauntering, Jesus’ understanding of neighbor, Aldo Leopold’s concept of thinking like a mountain, Rachel Carson’s prophetic voice and John Muir’s way of capturing the beauty and uniqueness of wild neighbors with words.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Chipmunk in the Garden

Planting a garden has many benefits. For us, some of them are as follows:

-Enjoying fresh vegetables
-Sharing some with our neighbors
-Letting our dog Ivy enjoy the fresh carrots and sugar snap peas that she loves so much
-Allowing our wild neighbors to partake in some as well.

Two young mammals have recently been frequenting our garden in close proximity to each other. The young eastern cottontail rabbit has been enjoying our bush beans, and that's okay because we like the peas better anyway; and since all we have growing is vegetables we're guessing that the young eastern chipmunk is probably eating insects, snails, and slugs that it finds among the plants.

Planting and managing a garden plot is one more way for us to live into community with our local wildlife, and even to find ways to share the love of Jesus with them.

How important is it for you to help your local wildlife to thrive and in doing so share the love of Jesus with them?

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