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Friday, August 2, 2019

Young Entrepeneurs Doing Good in Wellsboro and beyond!

While taking a walk through town today I happened upon the Wellsboro Young Entrepreneurs Children's Business Fair. It was quite the event; at each booth there were kids selling food, crafts, and some other things. It was awesome to see the effort and enthusiasm they put into this endeavor! And the best part; 100% of the proceeds went towards local groups and organizations! What I saw were kids whose hearts have been filled with love for others pouring that love out in many creative ways at the Children's Business Fair on the Green in Wellsboro!

The Young Entrepreneurs were raising money for Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries, Animal Care Sanctuary, the Tioga County Homeless Initiative, the Green Free Library, and the Lawrenceville Fire and Ambulance Association among other local groups. There was even one booth raising money for a friend who suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Louis-Bar Syndrome.

I hope that these children will serve as an inspiration to the rest of us; I know they did for me this evening.

Many of their efforts, to me, shine a spotlight on a key component of living into community with all that has life in Jesus' name; that key component is reaching into our community, across our country, and around the world to help those among us who are the most vulnerable and in need.

What if we all took a portion of the money that we make to support charitable organizations like these children did with 100% of theirs?

Here are some of the pictures I took at today's event:

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