Facilitating spiritual and cultural transformation through connection with wild spaces, with the help of God and neighbor, to create a world where wildlife and wild spaces are known as neighbors worthy of our love, kindness, compassion and care.

Saunter with Jesus

My name is Rich Hanlon. It is my experience that the teaching, example, and presence of Jesus in the world equips and empowers me to live my best life in relation with other people as well as with wildlife, wild spaces, and the environment as a whole. I understand Jesus as the personal embodiment of the Source of Divine Creativity, and believe that Jesus is able to speak to us through the Divine Spirit who animates all that has life. I want to invite you along for a journey of spiritual growth and personal transformation. Let's saunter through life with Jesus, together. My 5 R's Method of reading the story of Jesus is a way of sauntering through the Bible while sauntering through wild spaces. Nature writer Henry David Thoreau suggests the word saunter means "to the holy land," and John Muir has written that "these mountains are our holy land, and we ought to saunter through them reverently."

As we saunter with Jesus together, perpetually traveling through the holy land of wild spaces and pausing to take in sacred moments along the way, I'd like to invite you to join me in a reading and reflection of the books in the Bible that are called Matthew and Luke in the context of the wild spaces we so enjoy.

My 5 R's Method of reading the Bible is described below: Retreat, Read, Rest, Reflect, Respond.

Retreat- Retreat to a wild space. It should be a place where you can be surrounded by nature's beauty and avoid interruption. Take time to be present, and to allow the busyness of life to fade away. I often begin with a simple prayer, Here I am, Jesus.

Read- Read part of the story of Jesus. Let the words wash over you.

Rest- Simply rest. Allow the Spirit of Divine Creativity to minister to you. Let the story that you've read and the beauty of this place speak into your heart and mind. Here I might pray, Jesus, speak to the ear of my heart, for I am listening.

Reflect- How has Jesus spoken to you in this experience of sauntering in this wild space and sauntering through the story of Jesus? Is there something about this experience that may be important for you to record or remember?

Respond- Respond to the Source of Divine Creativity with prayer either silently or aloud. Is there a prayer of thanks, of need, of response to a perceived call, etc. that is important for you to acknowledge?

I hope you'll find that as you saunter with Jesus, the Source of Divine Creativity will equip and empower you to live your best life in relation with your neighbors. A schedule for dates and readings is provided below.  For basic historical and cultural interpretive information, click here.




If you'd like to gather with others who are Sauntering with Jesus to share how you're experiencing the Source of Divine Creativity at work in your 5 R's experience here are three options:
  1. Join a monthly ZOOM Video Chat. The last Sunday of each month at 7:00pm. The link to join is here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87029473827?pwd=aW05T3p6OXNWTDB2bGdhSGZSbG00UT09. The password for the ZOOM Video Chat is 333. Or, to join the ZOOM Video Chat via telephone, dial 1-646-558-8656; then enter the meeting ID 870 2947 3827; and enter the password 333.
  2. To join a monthly gathering in person, contact Rich at 412-992-6648 or RHANLON@SUSUMC.ORG.
  3. Join the Saunter With Jesus Facebook Group to share your reflections with others in the group. Anyone can find or join this group, but only other members of the group can see what is shared within it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/599874090965511/

*chapters can be read in one sitting, or divided into smaller readings throughout the week.

August 3-9: Matthew 1

August 10-16: Matthew 2

August 17-23: Matthew 3

August 24-30: Matthew 4

August 31-September 6: Matthew 5

September 7-13: Matthew 6

September 14-20: Matthew 7

September 21-27: Matthew 8

September 28-October 4: Matthew 9

October 5-11: Matthew 10

October 12-18: Matthew 11

October 19-25: Matthew 12

October 26-November 1: Matthew 13

November 2-8: Matthew 14

November 9-15: Matthew 15

November 16-22: Matthew 16

November 23-29: Matthew 17

November 30-December 6: Matthew 18

December 7-13: Matthew 19

December 14-20: Matthew 20

December 21-27: Matthew 21

December 28-January 3: Matthew 22

January 4-10: Matthew 23

January 11-17: Matthew 24

January 18-24: Matthew 25

January 25-31: Matthew 26

February 1-7: Matthew 27

February 8-14: Matthew 28

February 15-21: Luke 1

February 22-28: Luke 2

March 1-7: Luke 3

March 8-14: Luke 4

March 15-21: Luke 5

March 22-28: Luke 6

March 29-April 4: Luke 7

April 5-11: Luke 8

April 12-18: Luke 9

April 19-25: Luke 10

April 26-May 2: Luke 11

May 3-9: Luke 12

May 10-16: Luke 13

May 17-23: Luke 14

May 24-30: Luke 15

May 31-June 6: Luke 16

June 7-13: Luke 17

June 14-20: Luke 18

June 21-27: Luke 19

June 28-July 4: Luke 20

July 5-11: Luke 21

July 12-18: Luke 22

July 19-25: Luke 23

July 26-August 1: Luke 24

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