Inspiring spiritual and cultural transformation through connection with wild spaces, with the help of God and neighbor, to create a world where wildlife and wild spaces are known as neighbors worthy of our love, kindness, compassion and care.

Adopt a Wild Space

Experience the joy of community with wild spaces while improving the quality of the environment for native species.

Adopt an acre (roughly the size of a football field) of wild space by your self, with a friend, or even as part of a group! This is a rough estimate; it can be a little larger or a little smaller.

Here, a wild space is loosely defined as a naturally occurring habitat that is home to a variety of native plants and animals.  

If the wild space you wish to adopt is not on your property, be sure to get the approval of the landowner if it's private property, park manager if it's in a State Park/Forest, etc.

Here are some suggested ways to improve the quality of your adopted wild space:
  • Remove Trash
  • Control Invasive Plants
  • Nurture Native Wildlife 
  • Report your wildlife sightings to databases like Ebird, the PA Mammal Atlas, and the Pennsylvania Reptile and Amphibian Survey among others. I live in Pennsylvania so I've listed a few of the citizen conservation science databases that are most pertinent to my region. If you live in a different state/region there are probably similar projects that you can get connected with. It's worth noting that is global in scope. Through participating in these kinds of projects you'll become better acquainted with your wild space and its inhabitants and as a result grow in your understanding of how to help the wildlife that lives there to thrive.
As a registered participant in the BestLifeCommunity Adopt-a-Wild Space program, you'll receive a monthly newsletter with a story or two and helpful information about identification of native and exotic invasive species as well as best management practices for your wild space.

To register, email the following information to Rich Hanlon, Adopt-a-Wild Space project manager, at RHANLON@SUSUMC.ORG:
  1. Your name
  2. Your mailing address
  3. Your contact information (email address, or phone number if you prefer)
  4. Do you prefer to receive the monthly Adopt-a-Wild Space Newsletter via USPS mail or email?
  5. Include a description of and representative photo of the wild space you've adopted.
  6. What are a couple of ways that you hope to improve the quality of the environment for native wildlife at the wild space you've adopted?

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