Wildlife Sightings

Recent Notable Wildlife Sightings in Tioga County, PA
 Latest sightings in parentheses

Page last updated- 6/8/19 (current status in parentheses)

To find out what kinds of Wildlife Tours are upcoming, or if you are interested in a Wildlife Tour of a particular habitat (forest, field, etc) or kind of animal (insects, snakes, frogs, mammals, etc.) contact Rich at 412-992-6648, RHanlon@susumc.org, or leave him a message at www.bestlife.community.


Tioga County bird observations by month- Tioga County Bird Observations calendar chart

Bald eagle- (present)

Osprey (present)

Northern harrier (present)

Broad-winged hawk (present)

Red-shouldered hawk (present)

Barred owl (present)

Great blue heron- rookery with 60 adults tending 30 nests (present)

American bittern (present) 

Virginia rail-  (present)

Sora- (present)

Common gallinule (not yet reported in Tioga county for 2019, but may be present)

American kestrel (present)

Merlin falcon- (present)

Fish crow- (present)

Common raven (present)

Black vulture (present)

Yellow-billed cuckoo (present)

Black-billed cuckoo (present)


Yellow-bellied sapsucker (present)

Yellow-throated vireo (present)

Blue-headed vireo (present)

Warbling vireo (present)

Cliff swallow (present)

Pine warbler (present)

Blue-gray gnatcatcher (present)


 Black-and-white warbler (present)

Black-throated-green warbler (present)

Black-throated-blue warbler (present)

Blackburnian warbler (present)

Magnolia warbler (present)

American redstart (present)

Chestnut-sided warbler (present)

Canada warbler (present)

Mourning warbler (present)

Hooded warbler (present)

Nashville warbler (present)

 Yellow warbler (present)

Prairie warbler (present)

Blue-winged warbler (present)

Louisiana waterthrush (present)

Northern waterthrush (present)

Veery (present)

Hermit thrush (present)

Wood thrush (present)

Eastern bluebird (present)

Marsh wren (present)

Winter wren (present)

Red-breasted nuthatch (present)

Brown creeper (present)

Golden-crowned kinglet (present)

Orchard oriole (present)

Bobolink (present)

Eastern meadowlark (present)

Scarlet tanager (present)

Indigo bunting (present)

Grasshopper sparrow (present)


River otter (present- rare)

Muskrat (present)

Beaver (present- crepuscular) 

Red fox (present)

Porcupine (present)

Gray squirrel (black phase) (present- sporadic sightings)


Six-spotted tiger beetle (present)

Mourning cloak butterfly (present)


Timber rattlesnake (present)

Snapping turtle (present)


 Wood frog (present, but not calling as breeding season is past)

Spring peeper (present)

Leopard frog (present)

Pickerel frog (present)

Eastern spotted newt (present)

 Northern dusky salamander (present)

Long-tailed salamander (present)

Northern spring salamander (present)

Northern two-lined salamander (present)

Rare Sightings

Black bear (present)

Bobcat (present)

Mink (present)

Weasel (present)

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